Liquidity is crucial to your success. You need easy access to cash to fund your investments, pay down debt and manage your daily operations. Not only that, but liquidity is an essential tool for growth, managing downturns and pursuing both short-term opportunities and strategic long-term goals.

Our working capital experts take the time to understand your business and your yield and volatility requirements, and only then design a customized solution based on your needs. Our suite of liquidity management solutions can optimize your daily, reserve and strategic cash by consolidating funds, simplifying investment management, providing higher returns, reducing risk and creating greater visibility into your accounts and your business. Our solutions include:

  • Overnight Investment Sweep: We sweep your excess funds into an overnight bank deposit investment account until the next business day, returning the funds and interest to your account to maintain your daily liquidity needs.

  • Money Market and Savings Accounts: These accounts offer a higher return on stable and short-term balances with competitive rates of interest that are compounded daily and credited the last business day of the month.

  • Certificates of Deposit: CDs with a variety of maturity options provide higher returns while reducing risk.

  • Business Checking: Our Business Analyzed Checking account is designed specifically for businesses with high transaction volume or requiring the use of treasury management services.

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